Welcome to All-U-Need Personnel's client resources section. We look forward to helping you with all your staffing needs. All-U-Need Personnel provides employment solutions for a wide range of industries. Our services include the following:

  • Temporary
  • Temporary to Hire
  • Direct Hire
  • Payroll Accommodation
  • GSA Services
  • Our Temporary Service offers you a variety of fields to choose from office clerical to professional. Whether long term or short term, we can help with your temporary staffing needs. Temporary help is excellent for work overloads, vacations, and special projects.

    Our Temporary to Hire, or Evaluation Hire Service lets you evaluate the applicants job performance while working as a temporary. This service allows you to determine whether our applicant's skills and abilities are a good match for your company before you make a final hiring decision. More than half of temporary jobs become permanent.

    Our Direct Hire Service allows you to save time and money. We recruit, screen resumes, and interview potential candidates for you to consider. We provide you with only qualified applicants, saving you time from interviewing unqualified applicants. There is no cost involved unless you decide to hire one of our candidates.

    Our Payroll Accommodation Service allows you to choose your own candidates to work for you. This service saves you a lot of time since you transfer the employment and tax burden to us. We assume all responsibility for payroll, unemployment tax, and worker's compensation costs. This is a very effective way to hire people you know and trust to perform the job.

    Our GSA Temporary Clerical and Professional Support Services provide you with exceptional candidates in various areas of today's professional and clerical industries. Our GSA schedule is a federal procurement vehicle which allows our clients to obtain the most competitive rates in the market. See GSA Advantage to order online today.

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