Payroll Accomodation Service

If you desire someone you've recruited to work for you without having to worry about the associated payroll burdens, then our Payroll Accommodation Service is the perfect solution for you. You choose your own candidates, and All-U-Need Personnel assumes all the responsibility for payroll. We will put your employee on our payroll and you will not have to deal with the headaches of W2's, tax withholdings, or worker's compensation insurance.

All-U-Need Personnel Payroll Accommodation Program provides a cost-effective solution to your business needs. You can also use our Payroll Accommodation Service to staff a special project or to evaluate a potential candidate prior to making a hiring commitment. This innovative solution to full-time hiring allows you to hire people without any risk.

Our Payroll Accommodation Program reduces staffing expenditures and related personnel costs. You will experience tremendous savings on fringe benefits, unemployment insurance and worker's compensation costs. It will also save you a lot of time, since we handle all of the paperwork.

This is a very effective way to hire candidates you know and trust. By using All-U-Need Personnel Payroll Accommodation Service you select the candidate and leave the work to us.

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