Temp-to-Hire Placement

The Intelligent Way to Hire Staff

The right fit is important. Our Temp-To-Hire Service allows you to determine whether our employee's skills and personality are a good match for your company's needs. Don't limit your selection of potential applicants to those people who are out of work. Avoid making a direct hire decision by using our Temp-To-Hire Service. This gives you the ability to evaluate the employee in your work place before making a hiring decision.

We screen and interview the potential candidate and place them on our payroll. This gives you the opportunity to try them out. Once the right candidate has been identified for your needs they begin as a temp for a trial period. After the trial period ends, you decide if that person is the right match for your company.

Temp-To-Hire placement is a more productive way of introducing an employee into your company. You can depend on All-U-Need Personnel to provide you with the highest quality candidates who are available for temp-to-hire commitments.

Wish you could try before you buy, then our Temp-To-Hire service is for you.

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