Interview Guidelines

Preparing for the Interview

The key to a successful and productive interview is preparation. Personnel recruiters are impressed by applicants who are well prepared and organized. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for a successful interview:

  • Know the exact location and time of the interview.
  • Research pertinent information about the organization. Be familiar with the company's history, products, geographic location(s) and plans for growth. This information can be found by reviewing recruitment literature or corporate literature such as 10K or annual reports.
  • If such information is not readily available, it is appropriate for you to ask for materials to be sent to you (e.g., brochures, job descriptions, recruitment literature). Don't hesitate to call the company and request information. However, don't limit yourself to company glitter; go to your local library and check other sources, periodicals, etc.
  • Once your research is complete, develop a list of four or five questions about the company or position that are not directly addressed in the company's literature. Your questions allow the personnel recruiter to evaluate your professional and personal needs. Insightful questions help both of you determine if your relationship will be mutually beneficial.
  • Know what you are marketing! The focus of the interview is on you, so be ready to articulate your interests, skills, and abilities. Be able to expand on any item on your resume. Prepare a one to two minute explanation of each important aspect covered on your resume.
  • If it is available, review the job description and create your own list of skills that are important to the position. Once you have determined a list of appropriate skills, use your resume as a guide and check off things that you believe have prepared you for the position. Employers like to see concrete examples that show transferable skills.
  • Put an earnest effort forward. Always wear business attire and greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and an enthusiastic smile.
Preparing for the Interview
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