Quiz . . . Are You All We Need?

  1. You get a call at your assignment from the nurse at your child's school stating that your child is ill and must be picked up from school immediately. You: Call All-U-Need, explain the situation, and ask if it would be okay if you left.
    Go to your site supervisor, explain the situation, and ask if you can leave.
    Take an early lunch, pick up your child from school and drop him off at home, then go back to work.
    Leave your job site immediately to go and pick up your child. After all, nothing is more important than your child's health.

  2. The train is late, the bus doesn't arrive at all, and your cab gets a flat. You:
    Run to the nearest phone, call the site supervisor at your assignment, apologize and tell him when you expect to arrive.
    Go home, obviously you weren't meant to work today.
    Call All-U-Need and explain what has happened.
    Help the cab driver change the tire so you can get to your assignment more quickly.

  3. You're on an assignment and your beeper buzzes. The caller leaves a voice message, so you don't know who called. You:
    Ask your supervisor if it's okay to call and retrieve your message.
    Call All-U-Need to see if we called.
    Quickly call to pick up the message.
    Retrieve your message and return the call of the person who called you.

  4. The kitchen at your new assignment is very messy. You:
    Suggest that your supervisor report it to the janitor and ask if there is another kitchen to which you can have access.
    Hope you can take an early lunch.
    Complain to your supervisor about the poor state of the work place.
    Decide to help out by cleaning the kitchen.

  5. It's 6:30 a.m., you've overslept, and you're due at your assignment by 7:00 a.m. You realize that you're going to be late and you know that All-U-Need doesn't open until 8:30 a.m. but you're supposed to notify them when you will be late or absent. You:
    Call All-U-Need, leave a message on the voice mail, and hope that someone gets it before 7:00 a.m. so that your supervisor will be notified.
    Call your work site supervisor and tell him/her that you are running late and also leave a message on All-U-Need's voice mail explaining what happened.
    Call your work site supervisor and forget about All-U-Need. They'll find out you came in late when they receive your time sheet.
    Call your work site supervisor and tell him/her that you won't be in today. You needed a day off anyway.

  6. You're working on an assignment with multiple temps from All-U-Need. During lunch you overhear a few of the temps discussing and comparing their pay rates. One of them turns to you and asks how much is All-U-Need paying you. You:
    Tell them how much you make.
    Call All-U-Need and tell your staffing specialist that everyone is discussing their pay rates.
    Tell your co-worker that your salary is confidential information between you and All-U-Need.
    Ignore them, finish your lunch, and return to work.

  7. You have been working for All-U-Need for a little over a month and you receive a permanent job offer from the client that you're assigned to work. You:
    Accept the job offer and tell All-U-Need that your last day will be next Friday.
    Notify All-U-Need about what has happened and ask them how to proceed.
    Tell the client that if they wait twelve more weeks they can hire you without paying All-U-Need a fee.
    Tell the client that they must contact All-U-Need Personnel to discuss hiring you.

  8. You spent your last two dollars at lunch and don't have any money to catch the bus home from work. You:
    Call home to see if someone can pick you up from work.
    Ask your supervisor/co-worker if you can borrow some money until payday.
    Ask your supervisor/co-worker for a ride home.
    Call All-U-Need and ask for an advance.

  9. You didn't receive your check in the mail on Friday like you normally do. You:
    Call All-U-Need and ask why they didn't mail your check.
    Call All-U-Need and ask if they received your time sheet on time.
    Give it a few more days for you realize sometimes the mail can be extremely slow.
    Call All-U-Need and demand them to enroll you in the direct deposit program so you can get your money on payday.

  10. You have just gotten your thirty-two (32) hour time sheet signed by your supervisor but you forget to subtract four hours from when you left early on Monday. You:
    Submit the time sheet as is, your supervisor must want you to be paid for the extra hours, after all it's not his money.
    Scratch through the incorrect hours and put the correct hours down and submit it.
    Alert your supervisor of your mistake, complete a new time sheet, and have him sign it.
    Call All-U-Need and ask if you can be paid for four hours of sick leave.

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