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All-U-Need Personnel is proud to direct your attention to the following resources to help navigate your journey to success in your career field. The information ranges from hiring trends and compensation levels to how to maximize the benefits of a temporary staffing agency. These resources are part of our overall commitment to helping both our clients and candidates. We encourage you to take full advantage of them, so order your copies today!

Job Hunting For Dummies

This one-stop reference will arm you with the skills and tools you need to land a job in the new millennium. From start to finish, this book focuses on the how-to's of job hunting by helping you set goals, use the Internet as a tool, do research, prepare for interviews and more. Filled with real-world strategies and expert tips and techniques, this book will help you learn how to maximize your job search efforts.


Will the Real Boss Please Stand Up: Taking Your Administrative Career to the Next Level

This upbeat book shows savvy secretaries and assistants who want to move up the career ladder just how to do it. It helps them manage to become indispensable to their bosses, use office politics to their advantage, delegate work, transform stress into positive energy, manage multiple bosses, build successful working relationships, supervise peers, survive downsizing, develop the confidence and authority for leadership, advance their careers, increase their paychecks, and more! In a constantly changing environment, adaptation is the key to survival. This book contains the secrets every assistant needs to adapt to succeed in today's workplace.


Discovering Your Career in Business

Designed to help both those just starting out in business and those in mid-career find work that is truly satisfying, this guide uses interest inventory in conjunction with a series of other exercises to help readers discover the particular combination of activities that best matches their personality and gain insight as to how those activities are linked with real jobs in business.


How to Be a Permanent Temp: Winning Strategies for Thriving in Today's Workplace

As the nature of work changes from organization-based to project-based, the contingent workforce, powered by independent consultants, comes of age. Temping, once thought of as something to fill the gap between full-time jobs or a clerical level function, can now be found in nearly all industries and professional disciplines from line workers to executives. It's the new way of work in a dynamic business environment. This book, with an easy-to-follow action plan, allows professionals to learn how to minimize risk, maximize earnings, and enhance job satisfaction while adding to their professional experience portfolio. It's a guide to earning a living while obtaining job satisfaction and diversity as a permanent temporary professional.

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